In Autonuoma123 website cars are grouped in categories. You can choose car's mark and model when u are reservating. If crash or mechanical problems happen to a car, a tenant a reserved/rented car will exchange to another same or higher class car.

Rental term:
Minimal renting period - 24 hours. Minimal car renting period with a driver - 4 hours. If car is returned earlier than it was agreed, money which was paid for renting will not be given back. Renter can use that money for renting in 12 month period in future.

Rental price:
Car's and additional equipment prices indicated for one day (while renting with a driver price is shown for 1 hour). Rental price in calculated by the car and additional equipment rental ratio and number of days the car will be rented (hours - if a car is rented with a driver).

Conditions for drivers:
Minimal driving experience for city class cars - 1 year, for all other cars - 2 years. Drivers who have not enough driving experience have to pay young driver's payment. Young driver's payment - 8 EUR/day, and the minimum payment is 32 EUR.

Required documents:
For natural person:
For making a rental agreement passport and driver's license are needed. Expiry date of documents must be longer than the end of rental. Person who is not from European Union must present document which is written in Latin letters. Before rental agreement payment for renting and deposit must be paid. If car is returned neat and undamaged - deposit will be given back.
For legal person:
For making rental agreement person must present passport, driver's licence, companies registry document (or it's copy) and companies CEO commission for rental agreement. Before rental agreement payment for renting and deposit must be paid. If car is returned neat and undamaged - deposit will be given back.

Car's insurance:
All vehicles insured for standart motor tpl insurance policy (covers for material and health made damage for other incident participle and third person), also for KASKO insurance (covers damage made for rented car, no matter who cuilpable). If incident happens renter must pay a fine which is from 150 EUR to 500 EUR, depends on the car. Information about car's insurance is written in car's specifications.

Mileage confines:
All cars have mileage confines. Confines are written in car's specifications.

Additional driver:
There is no payment for additional driver. Additional driver's licence must be represent before agreement is made. It is unallowed to give a car for a person who is not involved in agreement.

The car is given with a full fuel tank, so car must be returned also with a full fuel tank. If the car returned without a full fuel tank, the fine is applied which is 15 EUR. Also renter must pay for missing fuel.

Car's pick-up/return:
Cars dispense/return at office at Vilnius, Laisvės pr. 62, at working hours free. Working hours from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

Cars pick-up/return at working hours from any point in Vilnius costs 10 EUR, at non-working hours - 15 EUR.

Cars pick-up/return from/to Vilnius airport at working hours costs 15 EUR, at non-working hours - by agreement.

If renter is late for returning car more than one hour, renter must pay for additional rental day. For other days payment is doubled.

A car can be reserved in, you will need to apply form there. Also you can reserve a car by E-mail or phone              +370 611 00123. After completing reservation you must wait for confimation by your E-mail or by a phone call.

Reservation payment:
To confirm reservation you must pay imprest which is from 30 - 50 EUR (depends on car and rental term). This payment is included in to whole payment for rental. The imprest must be paid after reservation is confirmed. If reservation is cancelled money is not given back.

Renter's Responsibility:
If a car is lost or beyond retrieve and insurance is not compensating damage, the renter must pay for all damage he/she made and all expenses.

If a renter crashed or heavy damaged a car, the money for renting isnot given back.

If a tenant must go to a place where car was crashed by a renter (a renter is culpable for all damage), the renter must pay all expenses by agreement.

If car's keys, documents, registration number are lost, tyre damaged or car is crashed and renter is culpable, car is damaged by third person or culpable person is not found for everything pays a renter. Also he/she pays a fine by agreement.

Additional payment:
Please pay attention for additional payment which can be included:

For outreaching mileage there is a fine for every kilometre which is 0,1 EUR/km.

For smoking in car -  50 EUR.